Rizzles Endings | 4x01 | We Are Family

"Keep it together Maura. Stay calm. It’s just Jane…… It’s just your drop-dead gorgeous best friend Jane….. sitting on a motorcycle….. wearing jeans and a soft leather jacket that was just made for you to run your fingertips over… WAIT! STOP! Breathe… Try again. Right. It’s just Jane… Her dark locks just BEGGING to have you run your fingers through the long wavy, tresses….. DAMN IT! Oh dear lord the way she swigs out of that bottle… running her tongue around the rim to make sure she laps up every last drop, before it spills down her chin"

 - The Maura Isles Inner Monologues


Rizzoli & Isles - Behind the Scenes

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Favorite Sandra Bullock Photos. (x)

Favorite Sandra Bullock Photos. (x)