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Rizzoli & Isles for Dummies, Lesson 1      


Dear rizzoliandislestnt,

it appears that you guys have been skipping class way too often. You don’t even seem to know the basics of your own show any longer. I think it’s time for an extra lesson before we’ll have to send you to detention!

Today’s topic: Jane Rizzoli versus Angie Harmon.

Rizzles + lack of personal space

"Turns out it’s not easy to ruin someone’s life once you find out how wonderful they are."


i’m seeing posts how jane was ‘out of character’ and it’s just really irking me. she’s out of character for hugging her mother? yes jane isn’t a hugger but christ on a cracker if you’re mother was upset wouldn’t hug her? like calm the frick a frack down. 

she dressed up as a librarian? yeah for the case. frankie and korsak? that was called being a sassy little shit and making fun of them for not catching on that the guy had a thing for women with glasses.(sexy librarian)

yeah jane is a hardass but she’s allowed to show some feeling, like shit man. 




There is far too much Angie coming out in this episode. That sexy librarian scene, Jane would just never…no.

Sure she would. She had to act like a hooker in vice before homicide, a librarian is nothing compared to that. she was cooped up at home and itching to help, so yes…

AUJane and Maura waiting up while their daughter is out on her first date.


When friends who don’t watch ask me why I like Rizzoli & Isles I remind them that Angie Harmon exists.